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Autonomous Institutions


Economic exchange is organized by cultural meanings, and cultural meanings are organized by economic exchange.

 To let a cultural institution, run without a human control and allow it to react freely in the middle of all the other institutions, expecting that this institution will survive and do its job of caring for the persons and producing goods necessary for the society; it is just a stupid thought. Whatever is related to art and culture has to be the expression of human beings, directed by human beings and its goal has to be the service to other human beings.

 But when we design economical and political institutions, we put much effort to ensure that no human being can control those institutions. To expect that these institutions will react freely in the middle of all the other institutions, while caring for persons and produce goods necessary for the society, it’s supposed to be a smart thought.

 Well it is not. When you leave an institution run freely, the institution will only ‘care’ for its own survival and will block any other institution that can have power to stop it and because cultural meaning are organized by economic exchange, economic institutions will block the culture and the whole of our society.

 When you leave the political and economical institutions run freely, they take control over all the cultural and social institutions and bring society to its collapse.

 We need to regain control over the economical and political institutions in Europe but we can not if we live in a society that requires thousands of enormous Institutions to be managed.