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Monthly Archives: mayo 2014

Society and Person – 6

– Level 3 institutions (from now on L-3i). Meta-institutions. Its most significant institution is the market. Institutions enhance society growth, and a growing society needs more institutions. When this virtuous loop starts, soon the society has more institutions that people can handle by themselves. So, in the same way that institutions were created to manage […]

Society and Person – 5

– Level 2 institutions (from now on L-2i). Physical and Timeless Institutions. Its most significant institution is the scripture. Scripture is not just the invention of a technique of annotation and decryption. To write man had to, in a manner of speaking, «isolate thought” making it an object, a visual representation; a pictogram. Once the […]

Society and Person – 4

  5- Types of institutions. – Level 0 Institutions (from now on L-0i). Subjective and Non-Formalized Institutions. Institutions can be grouped in different levels according to their characteristics Its most significant institution is the language. The language is not only a vehicle for communication, it’s also a mechanism of conception through which we construct the […]

Society and Person – 3

4 -Knowledge without Emotions The institutionalization of a society increases its complexity and its potential. Releasing people from some social tasks allows people to take on more ambitious and complex objectives, but also increases the dehumanization inside the society. People deprived of a good knowledge of their peers, have a tendency to mistrust each other. […]

Society and Person – 2

2 – The Institution and the Group Every social group must satisfy certain basic needs because people have to eat, play, rest, heal, love, etc. When there is more then one person, the satisfaction of most of those needs is achieved either through self-organization or creating an organized system. Self-organization requires an in-depth knowledge about […]

Society and Person – 1

Introduction Since the Paleolithic era, each stage of human evolution has been conditioned by the dominance of a different type of institution, which has determined the way people perceive their relationships and the society they can establish. Understanding the type of institutions that have shaped our society, makes easier to understand the reasons of our […]