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Society and Person


Each stage of human evolution -from Paleolithic groups to the present society- has been conditioned by the dominance of a different type of institution, which has determined the way people think their relationships and the society they can establish. Understanding the type of institutions that shaped our society makes easier to understand the reasons of our problems and the way we are.

In the upcoming lines we will try to expose, in a nonacademic way, the link between institutions and individuals. Through this connection we expect to achieve a better understanding about the causes of the current crisis, which we do not consider it to be an isolated thing, but part of a more global and systemic crisis which began towards the end of the nineteen-century, as we will try to expose on the following lines.

But before we start talking about persons and its societies, it is important for us to state what we mean by Person and its difference with a Human being. Being Human means to belong to one specie, the scientific name of which is «Homo Sapiens»; part of the «Hominidae» family. Being a Person is a peculiarity of human beings that transcends its own biological or physical definition because it is a feature that does not finish in the outer part of the human skin.

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